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Fat Pete's Cookies Auto

Auto Cookies X Auto Creeper

Why should I buy Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto feminised seeds?

•    If you are a fan of autoflowers then this strong and potent hybrid USA autoflower based on the world-famous Cookie genetics should definitely be in your Cookie jar!

•    Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is a strain which is easy to grow and can produce a particularly high yield. Very suitable for both beginners and experts

•    This is a variety with massive buds that are covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The frosty nugs have a high THC percentage and an extremely pungent and aromatic aroma with hints of tropical fruit, cream and pine

•    Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is suitable for any type of growing medium or situation. The effect is both mental and physical and known to produce a powerful high with a long-lasting effect

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has a sweet and fruity aroma. Her sticky buds taste like a mix of sweet and sour with hints of spice

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has a sweet & fruity aroma with spicy and piney tones. Its aroma is quite pungent. The buds are covered in sticky resin and smell absolutely wonderful. Most plants smell sweet and fruity and will sometimes have a doughy undertone. Others have a fruitier character, with hints of tropical fruit, both sweet and sour at the same time. This makes the terpene profile quite special and very tasty. The taste of this strain is quite complex, and you can have the more sweet and fruity tones on the inhale and the more spicy and sour tones on the exhale. It’s really a unique hybrid autoflower variety that will capture your senses!

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has long and thick buds and a large yield

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is quite a large autoflower. She is known to produce a solid yield. Her long and thick flowers can stack well and eventually become quite massive. Buds of 30-40cm are no exception. Some plants can show foxtails. There are also a few phenotypes that are denser and more compact. These plants, which are generally smaller, will still supply you with a good yield because of its density.

What kind of genetics are there in Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto?

In the 1980’s Dutch cannabis breeders wanted to improve European quality levels with the infusion of new USA cannabis genetics. Some emerging USA strains were reputed to have some particularly high quality and unusual genetics, so Karel send his friend fat Pete to NYC. After harassing High Times for way too long, fat Pete got his hands on some seeds called Williams Wonder. This strain, amongst others like Mexican Rudy, was used to create the first ever autoflower strain called “Low Ryder”. So you could say that the Super Sativa autoflower gene bank is based on the same winning foundations as the original Low Ryder.

To create Fat Pete’s Cookies we crossed a very fruity and potent autoflower with Auto Cookies. The outcome was crossed with our Auto Creeper. The best plants were selected and backcrossed to stabilise this strain. The result is a very productive and potent autoflower strain with a wonderfully strong effect.

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto produces large plants with a very big yield. The buds become long and frosty with a good bag appeal and a sour, fruity aroma and taste

Fat Pete’s Cookies is a hybrid autoflower strain with a large yield. And she isn’t hard to grow, on the contrary, she is pretty forgiving and easy to grow. It doesn’t matter in which type of grow system you grow with or which medium you use. She actually thrives in a SOG setup in medium sized pots (around 10-15L) but you can also grow her as a single plant in a large container. Everything will work.

This autoflower cannabis seed variety grows from seed to harvest in around 11-12 weeks. She usually grows in a beautiful Christmas tree shape with a thick main cola and a lot of decent sized side buds. She is quite bushy with a lot of side branches and therefore even single plants can produce bumper harvests. It’s clear that there are a few phenotypes to be discovered. The two we want to highlight include the one that is more cookie dominant, with those pungent and recognisable sweet and doughy terps. And the other, which is a lot more fruity, she smells fruity, sour and sweet all at the same time. Both these pheno’s can grow quite tall, between 100-150cm in good conditions with fat, frosty blooms and a deliciously sweet taste. Our test team was over the moon about this strain and the tropical fruity pheno was the one that was appreciated most by the SSSC crew.

The internodal distance of this variety is short to medium. Most buds get fully stacked. The thick resin coating gives the buds a great bag appeal.

The genetics used for Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto guarantee the following properties:
•    A medium to large size autoflower with a very good yield
•    Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has a sweet and fruity terpene profile, the doughy cookie terps are complemented by sweet and fruity tones
•    Amazing flowers with a thick resin coating and a good calyx-to-leaf ratio with an amazing bag appeal

Fat Pete’s Cookies seeds produce strong plants that deliver a solid yield without too much hassle. She is easy to grow and to master, making this a good strain for both beginners and experts

Effects of Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto has a strong uplifting effect and a long-lasting high. You can get very stoned after just a couple of tokes. This Cookie autoflower strain is known to produce potent buds with a pleasurable and powerful effect. It’s a hybrid effect with both mental as well as physical properties. Most growers experience a strong blissful high with a soaring head high and euphoric feeling that makes you smile. The body high is also quite strong and makes your body relax and laid back. This combination makes this a great hybrid autoflower variety which is suitable for both day and evening use.

How long does it take to flower Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto?

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto usually takes around 11 weeks from autoflower seed to finish. She is best grown on a 20/4 light schedule, but a 24/0 light regime is also possible if you are an experienced grower. She can grow quite tall, so it is also recommended to use a bigger pot, especially when you are working with just a few plants per m2. If you are doing a SOG then between 10-15L containers will do.

This auto can grow wide and bushy, especially if you choose to top or supercrop the main cola. During the middle of its lifecycle this plant can grow vertically at a rapid pace. Although she is a great plant to grow naturally, a SOG and even a SCROG are possible with this lady. The smallest phenotypes are less suitable for a SCROG and better to grow in a SOG. Roughly between 10-12 weeks from seed to harvest in most cases. Outdoors she can take one or two weeks longer depending on the weather.

The yield from Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is an autoflowering strain with a big yield. In the hands of an expert truly massive harvests are possible. In the hands of a beginner yields that are above average aren’t difficult to achieve either. These ladies know how to deliver! She produces big plants with big flowers. These buds feel solid and dense.

When you grow Fat Pete’s Cookies indoors, yields of around 450-550g can be achieved. Grown in a SOG the highest yields are possible and she is known to produce bumper harvests. Using smaller pots and more plants per m2 also speeds up the flowering time. Outdoors in a sunny and warm climate, this auto can truly excel. Yields of several hundred grams per plant are not an exception and even in a more temperature climate this lady can yield between 50-100g. Just pick out the warmest months with the most sunshine per day and you will be rewarded with some high-quality outdoor USA cannabis flowers!

Advice from our experts

Fat Pete’s Cookies Auto is known to produce a high yield. Her long and big cola’s put down quite some weight on the scale. We strongly advise not to top or fim her, especially when you are growing her in a SOG or the natural way. When grown in a SCROG topping/fimming is recommended from the 4th-5th node. Like all autoflowers, these cannabis seeds are best grown in a stable environment with lots of (sun)light. Indoor temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius are ideal. Colder temperatures can slow down growth, so be careful about putting these auto’s outdoors too early. This will compromise both the yield as the quality of the crop. As always, be careful with overwatering/overfeeding your ladies. Autoflowers can get stunted easily. Use highly aerated pots to ensure a healthy root system. This strain is best grown with organic nutrients to achieve the cleanest and best tasting weed.

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