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Auto Creeper

(Creeper x Williams Wonder) x Creeper

Why should I buy Auto Creeper feminised seeds?

  • Auto Creeper is a strong Sativa dominant autoflower with thick flowers and a large yield, this is an auto that is known for its chunky spear-like buds and genuine Sativa experience
  • This is a vigorous and fast growing autoflower, both during the vegetative and flowering phase. She has a good stretch and produces medium to large autoflowers which are suitable to grow either in a SOG, a SCROG or the natural way
  • Auto Creeper has a very intense and pungent aroma and taste. Her terpene profile is unique and special, a sweet and sour aroma with fruity tropical tones and a sour, floral and earthy taste that will surely capture your senses
  • She produces potent cannabis buds with a powerful high. Her effect is mostly an ‘up-lifting’ mental high that gives you focus, clarity and energy combined with euphoric and relaxing physical relaxation.

Auto Creeper has a pungent sweet and sour aroma with fruity hints of lemon, apple and pineapple. The taste is also very fruity and floral with a tropical twist

Auto Creeper is one of the finest high-quality Sativa leaning autoflowers in today’s market! If you are looking for an autoflowering cannabis seed variety with a powerful high and an amazingly pungent aroma and taste then look no further, Auto Creeper is here to serve you! If you are into a sweet and sour aroma, with hints of lemon, apple and pineapple then this is what you need. Her aroma is quite pungent and with its mostly fruity and floral terps this is something that will truly capture your senses. The taste is also predominantly sour and floral with a tropical taste on the inhale and more lemon, earthy tart taste on the exhale. Some phenotypes can be like a strong Lemon Haze bud, but then infused with more sourer tropical tones. Pretty unique and complex, it’s a new terpene profile that we, up until now, had never smelled before.

Auto Creeper is an autoflower with very heavy buds, a thick resin coating and occasionally some purple hues

Auto Creeper is a potent auto strain with thick buds and a frosty layer of trichomes. The dense buds are known to produce a very sticky resin coating. Some pheno’s might express purple colourations in the flowers towards the middle and end of the flowering period. These phenotypes often stay a bit more compact in structure but get very heavy buds.

What kind of genetics are there in Auto Creeper?

After studying autoflower breeding for a while we started working on Auto Creeper. In our opinion this brings a whole new approach to autos. When the SSSC was re-established, we knew that a good autoflower variety was required for the modern seed collection. But it had to be of superior quality to the typical ‘mid-quality’ auto strains which dominate much of today’s market. Auto Creeper was made from scratch using THC rich genetics from our photoperiod Creeper sativa. We still had the autoflowering version of the original Williams Wonder in our seed archive. This strain was used to give the autoflowering characteristics to the genetics. More than 3 years of effort and lots of back crossing with the original Creeper was required until the team were satisfied with the quality.

Auto Creeper is a hybrid cannabis strain with dense nugs that pack the power of a very high THC content, her flowers are big and the yield is large

Auto Creeper is usually around a meter high with extensive side branching. She takes around 12 to 13 weeks to grow from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest, occasionally a couple of weeks longer for the heaviest yielding phenotypes. The buds look like real sativa flowers, long and stretchy. You may notice some broad indica-shaped leaves from the Williams Wonder indica heritage during the vegetative phase. But the smell and powerful effects are all genuine sativa.
In the 80’s the SSSC worked with an indica strain called Williams Wonder. It was an interesting and occasionally freaky strain for research. Sometimes it showed autoflowering characteristics. This was unusual, auto genetics were far from understood in those days. Autoflower seed varieties still need careful research, there are still plenty of underperforming low potency dwarf autoflowers from the lesser seed companies. However there have been some truly exceptional autoflower genetics created recently as well. These sometimes came via selective inbreeding techniques with the best genetics over many generations. When done well, this preserves the autoflower gene as well as the THC-rich characteristics and taste/aroma from the photoperiod parent genetics.
This is exactly what we have achieved with our Auto Creeper. The characteristics of our photoperiod parent Creeper has been preserved in this autoflowering version. It has become a vigorous auto strain with quite a good stretch. There are few phenotypes to be discovered, some slightly more compact plants and others very tall and big plants. All have a Sativa style bud formation and that classic Sativa ‘up-high’. Most plants can produce very long and elongated buds with a typical Sativa structure. These big autoflowers will look like a big bush with many side buds. These can either be grown in a SCROG or SOG, depending on your preference.
It’s great plant to grow as a single plant in a growroom. It’s a real light feeder. This Sativa dominant autoflower seed variety produces buds with a favourable calyx-to-leaf ratio. The buds only have small and thin leaves in them. This makes it both easy and quick to trim. Resin production is very good, the buds are sparkling with trichomes. This variety can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Auto Creeper is easy to grow and doesn’t require any special requirements to yield well. For the tastiest result we recommend growing with fully organic nutrients, like Biotabs for example.
She has a medium to high stretch. Half of the plants stay rather bushy. The plant structure is medium to large, showing both traits of her Sativa and Indica genetic background. The internodal distance is short to medium, allowing the buds to fully connect and grow into massive flowers as thick and long as your forearm.

The genetics used to create Auto Creeper guarantee the following traits:
•    A vigorous and stable autoflower with a genuine Sativa taste and experience
•    Auto Creeper is a medium to large autoflower, however some phenotypes can grow rather bushy, but all plants will have that classic Sativa bud structure and high
•    This is a Sativa dominant autoflower with large branches and big flowers with a good calyx-to-leaf ratio, which makes them easy and fast to trim

Auto Creeper needs around 11 to 13 weeks from seed to harvest. During this 3-month period these autoflower seeds can grow into big plants with a large yield

Effects of Auto Creeper

Auto Creeper has a powerful Sativa high and a genuine Sativa effect. It’s a pure Sativa buzz with an ‘up-lifting’ high that is mainly energetic, clear and happy. It can give you great focus and clarity. It’s truly a great autoflower strain for people looking for something that can cheer them up whilst giving them energy without becoming racy or paranoid. It is a vibrant and powerful high, but it keeps you exactly in the right zone, floating high in the sky. It is a good strain for artistic people or for when you still need to complete certain tasks. Not a couch-lock high, even when you smoke a large dose. It’s predominantly a mental high with only minor physical properties, it makes you feel euphoric, happy and chilled. Really a good smoke to enjoy during the day or when practicing sports or doing an outdoor walk/hike.

Auto Creeper flowering time

Auto Creeper has an average flowering time of around 12 weeks because most of the phenotypes range between 11 and 13 weeks from seed to harvest. However, there are a few phenotypes that become extra-large, these plants may need another extra week or two. In an indoor environment most plants will be ready to harvest in 80-95 days. Some XXL-yielding phenotype may take up 100-110 days in total from autoflower seed to harvest.

Same counts for plants being grown outdoors in less than ideal conditions. It will take around 100-115 days to harvest these ladies. But for sure you will be rewarded with some high quality autoflower pot based on one of the finest Sativa’s around! Size of the autoflower can vary from 50-150cm, mostly depending on the growing conditions and phenotype. Large pheno’s like to be topped, cropped and supercropped. This helps them to grow even bushier and wider, increasing your harvest. It’s a good strain for both sunny dry climates as well as the more wet and cloudier environments.

The yield from Auto Creeper

Auto Creeper is known to produce a large yield. She has an XXL-potential when grown in the right hands. She can be grown either in a SOG or SCROG, but you can also grow her as a single plant in a big pot the natural way. On average yields of around 500 g/m2 are possible. When grown by an expert even higher yields are possible. Single plants grown in big pots can yield several hundred grams per plant, especially if they receive enough (sun)light and care.
Outdoors the plants will yield around 50-150g per plant on average. In a warm climate these autoflowering seeds can turn into beautiful cannabis plants with many side blooms and a large central bloom. All buds tend to get thick and heavy; branches get filled with large, elongated flowers with a real Sativa appearance. She is best grown in sunny and dry climates but can still handle some bad weather too. Preferably grow her during the best 3 summer months for optimum results.

Advice from our experts

Remember this lady is an autoflower, she decides what she does. You just provide care, be humble. Never ever transplant this strain, her roots are extremely sensitive. Plant her directly into the final growing container. She performs very well when given lots of light in an indoor growing environment. She also loves being outdoors in the sunshine in a warm and dry climate.

Defoliation isn’t always necessary, especially not for the most Sativa dominant pheno’s which have quite thin leaves and blades. Indoors, 20hrs of daily light is best. But, if necessary, she can also finish under 12hrs of daily light, though with reduced size and yields. Growing her on 24 hours light per day for the complete cycle is possible but keep in mind that she will grow faster and bigger than what you might be used to.

Information about Auto Creeper

Auto Creeper is a resilient and strong plant to grow. She doesn’t need a lot of nutrients but can still handle most of what you throw at her. It’s an impressive plant with many side branches and thick flowers that be as long as your forearm! If you are looking for a powerful and tasty Sativa dominant auto this is the one.

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