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Purple #1®

Purple Afghani

Product info

Why should I buy Purple #1 feminised cannabis seeds?

• It is a strong, vigorous and uniform purple hybrid cannabis plant with approximately 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics

• Purple #1 is a robust strain for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation, it also does well as a guerrilla plant and is ready for harvest in September

• If you are looking for a beautiful purple cannabis strain with a fast average flowering time of 8 weeks and a unique look, this is the perfect choice!

• Purple #1 has a classic Afghan aroma and taste with earthy, fruity and spicy notes. It is a suitable plant for any type of grower/growing conditions and can serve as the basis for new crossings

Purple #1 has a classic old-school Afghan aroma of earth and spice with fruity, floral and sour notes

Purple #1 is a beautiful classic purple hybrid cannabis plant. This purple variety has a really old-school aroma and taste. Her aroma is best described as earthy, tart, fruity, floral and spicy. Some phenotypes also have more chemical, piney notes. It is a powerful yet subtle aroma, not super penetrating but certainly sufficient.

Purple #1 tastes just as it smells, slightly tart, earthy, fruity and spicy. It is a flavourful strain with a complex terpene profile. The connoisseur will be able to recognise the old-school classic Afghan terpenes in this strain.

Grown outdoors on organic soil, it will have a very full and rich flavour. This purple hybrid takes you back to the 80s and 90s and the era of the strong Afghan Indica’s.

The buds of Purple #1 are purple and have a beautiful bag appeal

Purple #1 mainly has purple coloured phenotypes, but with some exceptions there are also completely green phenotypes to be found. These are usually the slightly more potent phenos which can smell just a bit more fruity and sweeter than the purple plants.

All plants can show purple hues on both leaves and buds when grown outdoors. Cold night temperatures will cause the buds and leaves of this strain to darken and develop more purple tones. The completely purple buds look the most beautiful and in our opinion also have the most bag appeal.

What exactly are the genetics in Purple #1?

Purple # 1 is the world famous original purple cannabis seed variety from the 1980s. Purple #1 is renowned for its uniquely beautiful colours and great "high". Our original Purple #1 consists of approximately 50% sativa and 50% indica.

The indica comes from a very special purple Afghan that has been carefully crossed in the Netherlands to create a strong outdoor plant that is fully adapted to the Dutch climate. It is a robust outdoor plant with beautiful bright purple colours at the end of the flowering phase.

This strain was one of the first commercial purple varieties. Purple # 1 has been used extensively by other breeders and seed banks to develop new purple varieties. Purple # 1 is available in both regular and feminised cannabis seeds.

Purple #1 is a robust purple cannabis plant with a fast flowering time and beautiful purple buds that can grow up to 50cm long

Purple #1 is a strong hybrid cannabis plant with a Sativa appearance and impressive purple colours. This strain produces very sticky, fruity, purple coloured buds. The flowers turn purple shortly after they have started bloom.

The first flowering hairs to appear are normally white on most cannabis strains, with our Purple #1 these pistils can range from purple or pink to even dark purple.

The strain is known for its short flowering time, which can ensure a quick harvest outdoors. At Dutch latitudes she will, in most cases, be ready in the month of September. Some phenotypes are ready in early / mid-September and the longest flowering phenotypes finish bloom in early October.

She is very suitable for outdoor cultivation as well as cultivation in greenhouses. The leaves show clear Sativa characteristics with very slender long leaves and beautiful purple colours.

Purple #1 is easy to grow and responds well to a variety of growth techniques such as LST (Low Stress Training) and HST (High Stress Training). She can also be grown indoors, but was originally developed for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation.

She also grows well as a multi-topped bush and can provide large yields. If your plant grows naturally, she will usually have a beautiful Christmas tree structure. The plants are on average around 1.5-2.5 meters tall. She is a strong open-ground variety that can take a beating (and short periods of bad weather), but also does well in pots. Also suitable as a guerrilla plant.

Her internode distance is short to medium. She can grow very long buds of around 50 cm. These thick buds have a more airy character, which makes them very weather resistant, so bud rot and mould have less influence on Purple # 1.

The genetics used to breed Purple # 1 guarantee the following traits:

  • A beautiful old-school purple cannabis strain with a short flowering time and a large yield
  • A robust outdoor plant which is very suitable for growing in moderate, and usually wetter, climates. She is extremely suitable for outdoor and greenhouse cultivation. She is also a good plant for guerrilla cultivation
  • Her long purple buds are really beautiful to look at, despite her smaller stature she can still provide good yields

Purple # 1 is a hybrid cannabis strain with a relaxed and euphoric up-high. The aroma and taste are reminiscent of an old-school Afghan hash plant with the well-known earthy and spicy notes.

Effects of Purple #1

Purple #1 has a high that sets in relatively quickly. The high is more "up" high than "stoned" with a slightly rough, yet subtle aroma. The effect is not very long-lasting, but this is offset by the quality of the experience.

Due to its balanced Indica / Sativa genetics, it is a hybrid effect with both physical and mental effects. It's a good combination of physical relaxation and mental uplifting euphoria. The initial effects are quickly noticeable and strongly present. It is not a "creeper" at all.

The more Sativa-dominant side of the genetics provides an uplifting and thought-stimulating effect. The Indica genetics provide a relaxing effect with a mild "couch-lock", if you smoke enough it can make you a bit sleepy and also have a sedative effect.

It is said to be a pleasant smoking experience that can put you in a relaxed meditative state. Because the effect does not last very long and you can continue with your day shortly after the high has worn off, this also makes her ideal for a "wake & bake" without losing your entire day afterwards.

This strain does not have a long after-effect and even if you smoke her late at night, you will wake up the next morning with a clear head.

Purple #1 flowering time

Purple #1 has an average flowering time of 8 weeks, which means that outdoors she is normally ready for harvesting in September. Indoors, she will take approximately 50-60 days to finish on a 12/12 light schedule.

This strain was originally developed outdoors as a traditional outdoor variety. The hybrid is therefore also very suitable as a guerrilla plant and for cultivation in greenhouses. But she can also be grown indoors under lights.

Be careful with the distance from the plant to the lamp, because if it is too short it can show signs of light burn. This can affect the quality as well as the stability of this strain.

She also grows very easily and prefers to be grown in organic soil. This ultimately ensures the most pronounced aroma profile.

The yield of Purple #1

The plants reach an average height of 1.5-2.5 meters outside with long blooms of about 40-50 cm and can yield between 100-350 grams per plant, depending on the growing conditions. In the most favourable circumstances and in the hands of an expert, slightly higher yields are of course possible.

Purple #1 can yield around 350-400g / m2 of dry buds indoors and therefore has an average yield. Most plants will also show beautiful purple colours indoors. Outdoors, this 50/50 hybrid will be ready in September (at Dutch latitudes) and will be able to provide any type of grower with a tasty harvest. Her robustness and resistance make her an excellent and popular choice for the outdoor grower.

Advice from our experts

Purple # 1 is an outdoor variety that is easy to grow. This strain does not require any special growing techniques or feeding schedules to achieve good results. She is an excellent plant for a guerrilla grow and will provide you with a nice outdoor cannabis harvest at all times.

This is a true purple strain which is far superior to the rubbish that is sometimes offered on the street as purple weed. Because of her beautiful bright purple colours, she has a great bag appeal that will appeal to everyone.

If you would like to keep her smaller, it is possible to top or FIM this strain. You can also limit her height with all kinds of different growing techniques. If you really want to keep her low, you can even SCROG this lady. This can be done both outside and inside.

A general tip for an outdoor grow is that towards the end of the flowering phase you should pay close attention to whether there is dead leaf material on the plant (especially near the top). This is best done ASAP, remove it so that there is as little chance of mould / bud rot as possible.

Give this strain some extra organic PK-Booster during the middle of the flowering phase or brew an organic tea to make the buds thicker and more compact. For the rest, Purple # 1 grows almost by herself and you can let nature do her work.

More information about Purple #1

This variety has had its own dedicated group of repeat growers for several decades. True fans of high-quality purple weed love her sticky purple coloured buds and a pleasant high that hits quickly.

Purple # 1 is a great choice for those looking for a resistant, early flowering outdoor variety that combines striking purple buds with a fresh and fabulous high.

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