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Auto Duck®

Frisian Duck X Auto White Widow

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Why should I buy Auto Duck feminised seeds?

• Auto Duck is a very robust and easy to grow autoflower, suitable for outside cultivation in any type of climate, in a greenhouse or indoors.

• This original Dutch Passion autoflower is a special camouflaged cannabis plant with a webbed-shape leaf appearance that look completely different to traditional cannabis leaves.

• Auto Duck is the autoflowering version of our award-winning Frisian Duck photoperiod variety. This robust autoflower is very strong and can even be grown outdoors in most northern areas.

• She has an average life cycle of about 11-12 weeks indoors, this can be up to about 13 weeks outdoors. She has a subtle aroma with a complex terpene profile with earthy, floral and fruity notes.

Auto Duck has a subtle aroma of earth, flowers and fruit with notes of mint, citrus and pine

Auto Duck is a special camouflaged cannabis variety with leaves that look very different from normal cannabis strains. It is also a plant with a less powerful aroma, which ensures that you can grow it safely in your garden without the neighbours immediately noticing. The buds have a cannabis scent of course, but this is usually far less pungent, penetrating and noticeable than other strains.

Auto Duck has a complex terpene profile, which is generally best described as earthy, floral and fruity. Notes of citrus, mint and pine make the plants very flavourful when smoked or vaped. The more fruity and sweet notes can emerge during smoking. She has a balanced high of medium strength which makes her very suitable for smoking during the day or when at a social event.

Auto Duck is a very robust cannabis strain - ideal for the novice grower

Auto Duck® is an autoflowering camouflaged cannabis variety with unusually shaped leaves that are therefore difficult to identify as cannabis leaves. This is especially true during the first half of the growing cycle, before buds form. Auto Duck® has a stabilised and natural leaf mutation, with leaves that are reminiscent of a duck's foot print.

It is an ideal strain for the novice grower as this strain requires no special knowledge or feeding schedules to achieve good results. It grows almost by itself and is easy to hide among other plants or shrubs in the garden or in the forest, a real guerrilla plant! It is also suitable for all types of climates and indoor gardens.

What kind of genetics does Auto Duck contain?

Auto Duck® is the autoflower version of the best-selling photoperiod variety Frisian Duck® and has been crossed with our proprietary Auto White Widow®, creating a very potent and hardy autoflower. Auto Duck® produces green buds and has a lighter scent compared to Frisian Duck®.

This variety is ideal for urban growing and those who don't want outsiders to notice they are growing cannabis. This strain is the result of many years of careful selection and crossing. She has become very popular with growers who are a little nervous about growing traditional cannabis strains. Our Auto Duck offers a natural camouflage that attract very little attention.

Auto Duck is a hybrid autoflower with a compact structure and beautifully camouflaged leaves

Auto Duck is a unique hybrid autoflowering strain with a compact structure that easily blends into the environment. This typically small/medium sized autoflower is almost completely unrecognisable as cannabis during the growth phase. The plant is more like an ornamental plant than a cannabis plant.

The natural leaf camouflage ensures that, for most of her life, she will not be noticed by unwanted visitors (or neighbours) who dislike cannabis. During the flowering phase, however, this variety does get buds (flowers) and a slightly stronger scent comes from the plants. But unlike many other cannabis strains, this scent is very subtle.

If you want to keep her really small and compact, it is recommended to grow her in pots. She also fits perfectly in a herb garden or in the middle of a flower field. Due to the unique leaves and compact structure, Auto Duck completely blends into the environment. You could walk past her and not realise it is a cannabis plant. In addition, Auto Duck is very tough and robust. She can withstand rainy weather and cold temperatures.

In general, this strain has a more open bud structure with foxtails. This ensures that more air and light falls through the top, which significantly reduces the risk of bud rot and mould. These autoflower plants are so strong that they can even tolerate several cold days in a row of around 0-5 degrees.

Obviously this is not recommended, the warmer the better. But it shows that this is a very robust autoflower that can take a beating. All these qualities make her very popular with outdoor growers in the colder regions as well as guerrilla growers looking for a reliable outdoor autoflower.

The genetics used for Auto Duck guarantees the following properties:

  • A compact, medium sized autoflower with a unique leaf structure
  • A camouflaged cannabis plant with an unrecognisable appearance in the growth phase and a subtle scent during the flowering phase
  • This robust and reliable strain has a relatively fast flowering time of around 11-12 weeks and can be grown in any climate

Auto Duck is suitable for both the indoor and outdoor grower, she also does fantastic in a polytunnel or greenhouse, especially in the most northern climates.

Effects of Auto Duck

Auto Duck has a balanced and subtle high. It is a strain with average potency, not very strong, but certainly not weak either. This makes her ideal for smoking during the day. The effect is mainly cerebral, energetic and euphoric. Many growers report that it can also have very relaxing physical effects. Almost all phenotypes give the user a strong sense of well-being and bliss.

The high has a short peak period, but lasts for a few hours. The effect is a nice combination of a mentally stimulating feeling and a physically relaxing effect. A perfect strain for an afternoon resting or relaxing in the garden. Reading a book suddenly becomes a lot more interesting and entertaining!

Auto Duck's flowering time

Auto Duck produces plants of medium height. In optimal conditions she can reach a height of almost 100 cm, but in most cases will stay between 50-75 cm. Indoors she takes on average between 75-80 days to fully ripen. She usually needs a little longer outdoors, taking around 85-90 days on average.

Dutch Passion Auto Duck is a very robust autoflower. Due to its unique/stable parents, it is a plant that can take a beating. She can even tolerate extreme cold for several days outside, but we obviously don't recommend exposing her to this. If you want to get the best out of her, a stable and warm climate is best.

With enough light, the buds can also become quite full and compact. When the light levels are a bit lower, the buds will remain a little more fluffy. This structure ultimately ensures that rot and fungus can barely influence this very unique Ducksfoot autoflower hybrid.

The yield of Auto Duck

Auto Duck can be grown both outdoors and indoors, she also does well in greenhouses and poly tunnels. Indoors under 20 hours of light per day, she takes around 11-12 weeks to fully mature. Outdoors, or in a greenhouse, Auto Duck takes about 13 weeks from seed to harvest. Mediterranean growers can complete 3 consecutive grow cycles per season. Even growers in Scandinavia can complete at least 1, but sometimes even 2 autoflower cycles within 1 outdoor season.

This strain usually provides average yields. The plants often remain smaller and more compact in stature. In the hands of an expert and with sufficient light, large yields are also possible. Normally, the yield per plant will be approximately between 50g to a maximum of 100 g per plant. Outside, the yield is on average between 25-75 g per plant. Indoors she will be able to yield an average of 400-450 g per m2. She does particularly well in a SOG setup with multiple plants per m2.

Advice from our experts

Auto Duck is a quick and easy-to-grow cannabis plant that is ideal for growing in urban areas. It has a natural camouflage and a milder cannabis scent than most traditional cannabis strains. This also makes her ideal for an uncontrolled indoor or balcony cultivation.

This strain can be grown compactly with different techniques such as LST (Low Stress Training) or super-cropping. Of course she will also grow well when left to grow naturally, especially when she receives intense light. But if you prefer bushier, short plants then this is definitely worth a try. If you are looking for an easy plant to grow that does not attract much attention or requires specialist knowledge, Auto Duck is the perfect plant for you!

Information about Auto Duck

The combination of the natural leaf mutation (stealth look) and the weak scent during the flowering phase make Auto Duck the perfect plant to hide in your greenhouse, garden, backyard or on your patio/balcony. There are also many guerrilla growers who grow Auto Duck on unused or vacant land.

Whether on river banks or in the middle of the forest, this strain will thrive anywhere. Just make sure you protect her well against pests (snails, rabbits and deer) and you will be able to enjoy a nice harvest about 3 months after planting the seeds!

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