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Slim Charcoal Filters ActiTube 7mm

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Slim Charcoal Filters ActiTube 7mm

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Product Description

actiTube Charcoal Filters are a activated carbon Smoking filter for both Rolling Papers and Pipes.. A long sized roach tip that is proven to provide a smooth and pleasant smoking experience because the smoke is filtered out through the active Carbon and takes away a lot of the impurities. They reduce Tar intake ensures mild and smooth smoke. Always use the filter tip with the white ceramic cap towards the end that you will light.

Product Details:
– Smart Smoking
– Actitube Brand
– Activated Charcoal
– For Use With Papers, Pipes & Blunts
– Reduces Intake of Tar
– Reduces Intake Carcinogens
– Reusable and disposable
– Smooth Taste
– Diameter: 7.0mm
– Length: 25mm

Each box contains 50 Tips